Introducing family meal kits by 'The Veg Boxxx'.

We supply the ingredients and a recipe guide for you to easily prepare your meal at home.

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“Where Foodies Thrive!”

The Veg Boxxx, an avant-garde concept which is all about making life easy and a whole lot better in more ways than one. 

We strive to bring you 'Top Quality' ingredients; cleaned, dressed, and packed in a 'State of the Art' facility. 



“Tastes home-made, because, It Is!”

We offer CIY Boxes for various indulgences, with every ingredient necessary and a step-by-step recipe. The veggies provided in these boxes are all washed, cleaned, pre-cut, measured and prepped for use. It helps our patrons live their passion for cooking and experimenting with new food without having to slog for the humdrum preceding the real action. Experience the love for cooking with The Veg Boxxx, so go ahead and “Unbox Happiness”

With CIY Boxes ranging from Mughlai to Regional Indian Dishes to Oriental to Italian Cuisine to even Pizzas, Burgers, and Chaats, we have everything one expects to be served on a platter under the sun. We make cooking easy, hassle-free, fun and diverse every day. We also offer 'Baking Kits' for various Cakes, Pastries, Cupcakes, and a vast variety of Desserts. With 100+ CIY options, you can create both fancy and everyday foods with utmost ease.




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“The 'Pleasure of Variety' on your Plate”

We have an expansive range of assortments that can satiate every craving that a foodie may have. 'The Veg Boxxx' brings to you assortments in Snacks, Spreads, Dips & Sauces, Desserts, Breakfast Cereals and various lipsmacking grubs. Our Assortment Boxes are light on pocket, and with them you can enjoy a variety of flavors, without having to worry about the wastage or spoilage. With 200+ assortments make your every day a little different, a little more flavorful.


we Are 'sanitized'

‘We Do Because We Care’

Global pandemic or not, it’s always smart to sanitize fruits and vegetables. We understand the hassle of getting the Veggies home and cleaning them. It isn’t only time consuming but takes a whole lot of your effort too. Don’t waste your precious time doing this mundane thing, we do it for you, the right way.


COVID-19 adds another threat to the list of things that might be lurking on your fruits and vegetables, and that’s germs from people who may have touched the produce before you purchased it. That being said, a reality check is helpful here. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) notes that there is currently no evidence of COVID-19 transmission through food or food packaging. The need to sanitize fruits and vegetables before consuming them is still mostly related to those aforementioned wax, dirt, chemicals, and pathogens, with extra steps right now providing more peace of mind than anything.